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Origins of this content
This texteo was made by Oliwa0619 as her final for LFYT 2010.
It can be argued that the artists who make up Turquoise Jeep Records use parody as an interrogation of the mainstream hip hop/ r&b scene. Their over the top representation, both visually and lyrically, of mainstream rap ridicules the genre, highlighting the foolishness of the rap video form. Despite this potential for critique, the response to their videos often parallels the response to mainstream music videos. With the popularization of their work a series of of dance videos, similar to that of the booty shake genre, emerged. This work brings into question whether or not effective critique can occur on YouTube or if the community there in will always be the last ones to laugh.
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The Last One to Get the Joke, by Oliwa0619

Parody can be used on Youtube to interrogate mainstream media. However, the response to this attempt at subversive work is often anything but dissident.