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Origins of this content
This texteo introduces the video-book. I made it in 2010 while I was struggling to work out the opening interface for the project. In the end, I decided that the entire video-book should have one consistent, transparent architectural and navigational logic in direct defiance of and dialogue with YouTube.
Parody is a key tactic of postmodernism "because it foregrounds quotation and self-referentiality."[cit]

According to John Hartley: "Public writing is produced, circulated, and deciphered or read. Each of these moments in its career has its own frequency:
* The speed of creation: how long a given 'text' of public writing takes to produce
* Frequency of circulation: intervals between publication
* The wavelength of consumption: the period a given text spends in the public domain before being superseded by later 'pulses' of text from the same source."[cit]
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YouTube is the subject, form, method, problem and solution of this video-book.

Welcome! You can begin by taking a YouTour of sixteen texteos that briefly introduce what "YOUTUBE IS."

Or you can start with the HOW TO USE THIS VIDEO BOOK YouTour for step-by-step instructions about navigating LFYT, for example:

- Click a blue word with a camera icon beside it and a video will roll.
- Click a red word to follow a link off the texteo.
- Click a green word (one included in the glossary), and its definition will pop up.

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