Written by: Alexandra Juhasz

Design and programming by: Craig Dietrich

Edited by: Mel Goldsipe

Research Assistant, Summer 2010: Romy Feder, who with intelligence and humor authored most of the See Also video suggestions, as well as performing the less interesting but as critical task of archiving most of the many YouTube videos used in LFYT (with the support of a Pitzer College summer research grant).

Research Assistant, Fall 2010: Francisco Simbana, who completed the arduous task of archiving the YouTube videos in LFYT (with support from a Pitzer College Research & Awards grant).

Learning from YouTube was produced in collaboration with Vectors and through the generous support of USC's IML and its Center for Transformative Scholarship, the NEH, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation's, "Alliance for Networking Visual Culture" grant.

For Vectors, USC's IML and CTS, and the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture ( ANVC):
Tara McPherson, Lead PI, ANVC, Associate Professor, School of Cinematic Arts, USC
Steve F. Anderson, PI Critical Commons, Director Media Arts & Practice,Ph.D. Program, USC
Erik Loyer, Creative Director, Vectors and the ANVC
Craig Dietrich, Information Design Director, Vectors and the ANVC, Lecturer, Institute for Multimedia Literacy, USC
Wendy Chun, Co-PI, ANVC, Associate Professor of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University
Brian Goldfarb, Co-PI, ANVC, Associate Professor of Communication at UCSD
Nicholas Mirzoeff, Co-PI, ANVC, Professor of Media, Culture and Communication, NYU, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development
Joan Saab, Co-PI, ANVC, Associate Professor of Art History/Visual and Cultural Studies, Director, Visual and Cultural Studies Program, University of Rochester

The press partners with the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture are: UC Press, MIT Press and Duke University Press. Archive partners are the USC Shoah Foundation and Institute, The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Critical Commons and the Internet Archive.

These LFYT 2010 students authored "See Alsos" or "Contexts" that were included in the video-book: Chris Abella, Michael Bagby, Andriana Betts, Christopher Blees, Zoe Brunn, Olivea Callender-Scott, Alex Cameron, Jared Cohen, Shane Davis, Jane Eberts, Bianca Garcia, Dustin Green, Olivia Hayward, Andreas Jossen, Sean Ludeman, Neal Kemp, Stephanie Lee, Artiana Kenyon, Elizabeth "Hope" Marquardt, Nicola Persky, Victoire Poumadere, Daniel Ramirez, Bryan Reinke, Kamilla Rifkin, Travis Roher, Travis Rooke-Ley, Jordan Rosenberg, James Shickich, Zach Shpizner, Pete Siegel, Cordelia Solomon, Tim Stapenhorst, Julia Weiss, Ben Welsch.

Thanks to Joanne Zhang, from Pitzer IT, quickly saved the three LFYT class pages when Google unceremoniously, and with little advance warning, announced they were closing down group pages on YouTube on December 1, 2010.

Additional support from:

Pitzer College

And huge thanks to:

Learning from YouTube students, Fall 2007, 2008 and 2010
Skip Snow for encouragement, support, big ideas, sounding board, and all-around digital know-how
Arthur Goldsipe
Fellows, Summer Humanities Institute, 2009
Kathleen Fitzpatrick and Bob Stein, MediaCommons
Liz Losh, Brian Goldfarb, and James Tobias: my gracious, intelligent, and supportive readers for the MIT Press


Ellen Faran, Doug Sery, Katie Helke, Mel Goldsipe, and Katie Hope: the MIT Press