Art Video on YouTube Exists Through the Experience of the Active User, by Victoire Poumadere
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Origins of this content
This texteo was written by Victoire Poumadere as her final for 2010 LFYT.
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Video art can be found on YouTube. On YouTube it is possible at its fullest. As David Antin said: "the name is equivocal" and leaves open notions of form and genres; however video art doesn't need to be placed in an "artistic" context (museums, galleries, shows); it is possible on YouTube at its fullest. Moreover, the medium of YouTube enables it to be approached as a different type of art; one that you, the viewer, acquire and participate in, since you choose its linearity, and its context. Every user content video on YouTube becomes unique, because the videos that precede and the videos that follow are different in an infinite number of possibilities. Thus it isn't the object that is filmed, or how it is filmed, or the context in which it was filmed, and for what purpose/public/place of diffusion it was made that make the video significant anymore; it is how the video is experienced as part of a broader, constructed and active "understanding" of YouTube.

For example it can provide a larger spectrum within themes, in a way that traditional video wouldn't be able to convey; or even build a personal expression and witnessing of nostalgia; as well as being any random association of videos that ultimately create an original experience.