BoobTube - Privates meet the Public, by OliviaPhelps89
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Origins of this content
"I used breastfeeding videos on YouTube to expand upon and then to add on to the texteo YOUTUBE IS HOME TO SELF," explains OliviaPhelps89 about her final for LFYT 2010.
There has been controversy over Facebook deeming members who used nursing photographs as their profile pictures as "obscene".[cit] Yet, YouTube seems to have an entire genre of breastfeeding videos that are meant to share intimate moments between mother and child, educate and make fun.
Breastfeeding videos are dynamic texts that help examine the redefinition of the pubic/private binary on YouTube.

Breastfeeding is a contentious topic within our society, especially when people are confronted with defining what's appropriate behavior when nursing a child in a public space.

The presence of what some would define as " explicit" breastfeeding videos on YouTube are meant to educate other people on how to nurse children. Thus, making the often-taboo and private subject easily accessible and very public to the community at large.

One must never forget that public eye is not always kind and haters exist on YouTube. An example of this can be found in videos uploaded by users who are trying to show examples of " inappropriate" and "shameful" breastfeeding.