Kevjumba: What We Can Learn from an Average Guy by Alissa Fang
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Upon first glance, Kevjumba is just another funny guy who vlogs about real-life situations. He also happens to be one of YouTube's most watched people. So what's so great about this kid who produces mere webcam-quality videos in his bedroom? Kevjumba's popularity could be credited to his quirky, feel-good dance intros, engaging body language, and fast jump cuts. However, the one thing that makes him so interesting is his ability to be a cultural critic while appealing to the masses. Many esteemed cultural critics of our time are intellectual, academic people who contribute lengthy articles or books analyzing cultural behavior. While their works are important for understanding and improving society, they are often only read by other scholarly individuals. Sometimes their readings are difficult to comprehend for those who are not as educated. Even though Kevjumba is not necessarily an intellectual, he still critiques problematic cultural practices that he sees around him. He does this in the form of short three-minute YouTube videos, something that is much more accessible (and entertaining!) than academic journals. He tackles controversial and complicated topics such as race, stereotypes, and homophobia and presents them using conversational language, hints of ironic humor, and most importantly, his face. In this digital age, people are more willing to watch engaging (and attractive) people talk to them than to read boring text. He doesn't just rant about his frustrations with life like some vloggers do. He uses his popularity to motivate his audience to think more critically about society. He opens up space for him and his viewers to make the world a better place.