YouTube is Stuck in Puberty by Evan Otis
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YouTube began its "puberty" once Google acquired the for $1.65 Billion in 2008, this acquisition opened the doors for YouTube as a major media distribution platform. What was initially intended solely as a website where users could upload and store their content quickly also became a platform for distribution to the masses.

Since then YouTube has now become home for not just amateur users but also corporations. Major corporations notice how their outreach can significantly increase by appealing to the vast audiences interacting with YouTube. The reality is, YouTube's identity and purpose continues to morph.

Will YouTube ever stop changing? The probable answer is no, YouTube's will continue to change because it mirrors the constantly changing global culture we live in. The YouTube culture is shaped by , social, cultural, and economic values that are collectively produced by (amateur and corporate) users in masses.

Conclusively, YouTube is stuck in puberty, struggling to find its identity but plagued by constant changes in social culture. This may not be a bad thing; YouTube's ability to change as society changes is key to its long-term survival.