The Deceit of YouTube by Isha Tirumali
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YouTube is a global platform for creating and sharing content, but finding what you're looking for can be confusing and aggravating. A high number of views does not necessarily equal substance anymore, given that the screenshot, title, description, and tags can be chosen by the generator. One of the most pressing problems on YouTube is finding exactly what you are looking for. Searching for the SNL parody of the O.C.? You'll most likely end up finding a parody of that parody. Words such as "legit" in the title assure the user they have arrived at the right place. Or have they?

The ability to manipulate the way users stumble upon a video changes the way YouTube operates. The generation that has grown with this platform admits to spending hours on it, but how much of that time is spent "being lost" rather than "being distracted"?