Pandemic Pedagogy, 2023, NYU conference participants, Socially Engaged Archives: In Theory, In Practice
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Origins of this content
This texteo holds true thoughts from the audience gathered at the conclusion of a talk I presented "Pandemic Pedagogy, 2023," at NYU as part of a graduate student conference, Socially Engaged Archives: In Theory, In Practice
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As a conclusion to my keynote address, Pandemic Pedagogy, at the conference After After at NYU, February 24, 2023, I asked participants to email me their theories of socially engaged practices, circulating around these prompts.

1) How or where is (your) pandemic (in practice, theory, pedagogy, body, archive)
2) Who is missing and why?
3) Stay real or true, NYU, 2023: How is your pandemic now, in light of one of the items on the other side of this page or from the talk more generally?

Here are the answers.