COVID-19 Made Us Stronger by Max Bieber
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Origins of this content
This texteo was by Max Bieber as his class project for Pandemic Media for LFYT 2022 at Brooklyn College.
The pandemic, despite its destructive nature around the world, made us as human beings stronger, and more resilient and served as a big wake-up call for many. 
The pandemic is often looked at in a negative light, and for good reason. It was seen as a huge setback for many, it put many people out of work, and it was intensifying for many people. It is worth noting that we became more aware of what it is like to live during pandemics and the steps we take to protect ourselves from global tragedies. It was a huge test of our skills, resilience, intuition, and how we adapt to the environment where we're in school or have a job. Zoom was the go to platform many used to keep communications up with people at work, school, or for other purposes such as continuing music performances even during a pandemic where you couldn't see people. Students by the names of Zach Maccauley and Jared Boone were stuck on campus during the pandemic, but they exercised their persistence and their passion for making Tik Tok videos and they still made some outstanding videos that got the attention of big content creators like a former Vine star Zach King. The trauma that many experienced during COVID, which can also be applied to trauma in general, is one that caused a lot of damage and inflicted a lot of pain on our mental health. It was a setback, but people persevered. Trauma is never forgotten, it will always linger, but it changes us for the better and allows us to grow and heal from it and teaches us lessons that we wouldn't have otherwise known about. Tik Tok was still packed with content and also had content being created for it massively during the quarantine, and the pandemic forced people to adapt and get creative with the content that was produced.