"How the Use of Zoom During the Pandemic Impacted Us" by Emilie Hanson
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Origins of this content
After being stuck at home for many months during the COVID-19 pandemic, people had to adjust to only seeing each other online over Zoom. Zoom was used for work, school, talking to people and so on. No one knew what the long term impacts of this kind of isolation would have. This YouTube video briefly predicts what would happen to students once everything is back in person. [cit] "The Effects of Distance Learning on Children" by ABC News.
In early March of 2020, a pandemic struck the entire world and people were ordered to stay at home for their health. This disease was quick to take the lives of millions of people and overpopulate hospitals to the point of their supplies diminishing. Due to being inside, people had to turn to their computers to connect with each other and mainly use the platform "Zoom" which gained quick popularity being used for everything.

It became a way for people to connect with each other on a mass platform. A lot of people used Zoom to their advantage and became extremely creative in finding ways to stay engaged with each other and trying to create a new "normal" virtually.

But with all good things also comes the bad stuff about it. Zoom wasn't exactly perfect in keeping us connected. It made a lot of people feel even more isolated than they already were since they were missing out on actual human interaction. This affected both students and people working over Zoom.