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Made for LFYT 2022. Charlie writes: "I was inspired when reading Hang Li's piece in Video Vortex. It seems as though these corporations have found a way to control us and are squeezing every penny out of us until it eventually kills us. ("Mother sues social media giants, says they're to blame for daughter's suicide"). We're unable to see it happening and that's perhaps the scariest part. ("social media addiction short film 2017 || Short Movie on Social Media Addiction")
Every year the child suicide rate rises. After reading Hang Li's piece I was inspired to look further into this sugar-coated bullet that is social media. Where I found Ian Krietzberg's ("Social Media is killing us") [cit].

The startling article gives the facts, social media is ruining our mental health. "In 2016, an estimated of 44.7 million adults aged 18 or older in the United States had a mental illness. Young adults aged 1825 had the highest prevalence of any mental illness at 22.1% compared to adults aged 2649 at 21.1% and aged 50 and older at 14.5%"

Another study looked at social media use and social isolation among U.S. young adults, ages 1932. It assessed participants' usage of 11 popular social media platforms. The study found that those who visited any platforms at least 58 times per week were three times more likely to feel socially isolated compared to those who used social media fewer than 9 times per week. [cit].
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Social Media is killing us by Charlie Dovey

"Social media is a sugar-coated bullet: entertaining and intoxicating us in daily activities, while harvesting our data and draining our ability to seek alternatives." - Hang Li

We are at the whims of these corporate overlords unless we go back, back before social media.