"The truth is more subjective now" by Christopher Carrasco
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Origins of this content
This texteo was written by Christopher Carrasco for Pandemic Media for LFYT 2022 at Brooklyn College.
The pandemic has seen the spreading of much misinformation and conspiracy theories off the backs of Alex Jones and QAnon that divert the truth and spins it into something that stops progress. [cit].
The internet has always been a place where individuals share information and ideas with each other through many different mediums like blogs, videos, etc. This made it so that conspiracy theories like Area 51, JFK assassination being an inside job, the earth is flat, or that the Royals killed princess Diana, to spread and be well known around the world. Some of these conspiracy theories are both fun and might have a tint of truth or credibility to them. Nowadays, especially after the pandemic, conspiracy theories are being spread like flash fire. Mainly around COVID and the vaccines: people are able to spread misinformation without any evidence. People like Alex Jones get evidence and misinterpret it to make it fit their agenda to keep people entranced into theories and close them off from reality. This has became more subjective as there are so many different ways people can get their information that it makes it hard to fact check, and even when we do it all becomes part of the conspiracy.