The Pandemic and How People Used the Quarantine to Expand Their Craft by Emanuel Papadopoulos
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Origins of this content
 Corridor Crew has been making videos since almost the start of YouTube and quarantine really drove a wedge in their workflow. But they found ways to create content still and talk to their fans.

Mike Boyd has been a prolific educational content creator and still is. The quarantine allowed him to reach more people and grow his channel. 

An article by The Washington Post discussing the impact Covid-19 and online learning had on highschoolers.

A blog on the topic of pandemic and post-pandemic social media consumption.
It's definitely no secret that quarantine gave us an incredible amount of free time. With all the bad things happening outside our front doors and sometimes within, many people needed an outlet to focus their time on without going stir-crazy.

One of the rabbit holes I fell into was visual effects artists and the expanse of their craft during all their free time. "My 2-Year Blender Progression" by William Landgren shows how a young aspiring VFX artist evolved over 2 years, with most of it being during quarantine. What makes this brilliant is his portfolio looks so professional at the age of 15. Kids just getting into high school during the quarantine were under immense stress and confusion. William was devoted to his craft during these two years and his work shows it.

Another team of artists, Corridor Digital, also upgraded their craft by learning new programs and achieving their own goals during quarantine. Corridor Digital is a devoted team of VFX artists and filmmakers who, during covid, were unable to film live-action productions. During quarantine, a lot of them were at home and were able to only work digital productions. The program that Sam Gorski was talking about in the video is one called Unreal Engine. Its uses have been brought into the film industry recently and are also extremely accessible.

And lastly, I found a channel that educates people on random skills to learn. Mike Boyd is an educational content creator. His job was more secure during quarantine as was with most content creators. Content creators offered a product that was in high demand during the quarantine. Entertaining, educational content is what a lot of people(including myself) loved to watch after not having anything else to do.