YouTube ... Look Again by Rachel Miller
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Written for LFYT 2015 final by rachieraechel.
The YouTube Partner Program launched in 2007 and is a large reason why YouTube is so successful today. The program pays YouTubers full salaries so they can focus all their energy into being YouTubers. Questions have recently come up about how much YouTubers are making, and it looks like many are earning a solid amount of money. [cit]
It's important that people talk about real issues and YouTube is often criticized for being a mindless space where these discussions don't happen. Although it's okay for some spaces to be purely for mindless entertainment and for people to take breaks from the real world, a lot of YouTube content has meaning that people who are not part of the communities fail to notice. There are channels that are clearly dedicated to talking about important things such as vlogbrothers and lacigreen. There are also goofy and fun channels that tackle important issues in their own styles. One of these is Grace Helbig, who is never serious but recently put up a video titled "You Deserve to be Happy," a heartfelt piece with goofy sound effects over it to remind her fans that she is usually light hearted but is trying to say something important. Jenna Marbles, one of the biggest trolls (someone who often provokes people online and is rarely serious) of YouTube, recently posted a video titled "Sharing Things from my Special Shoebox" in which she went through memorable items from her teenage years and read pieces her journals out loud. She discussed how difficult her adolescence was to show that things get better. Lindsey Bell, a beautiful woman who doesn't define herself as your typical swimsuit model, posted a video showing off this years bathing suit trends and stating, "I'm not a little tiny person ... I want to remind all the girls out there that there's definitely something for you. In my eyes, I think I look great because I've just decided that I do. And I think you all should do that too" (4:22). Finally, Hannah Hart, YouTube chef and comedian, tackles an important issue in each of her cooking videos through metaphors, such as her recent video "Macho Gazpacho" where she made gazpacho and discussed why society's concept of masculinity is harmful. A YouTube channel without at least one serious, meaningful video is hard to find.

Three popular vlog (or vblog) channels center on important issues: cancer, divorce, religion, parenting and race. YouTube makes people less afraid to do things like have kids, commit to relationships, or deal with sickness. YouTubers share their stories by allowing people to see their daily life and sometimes give direct advice. Charles Trippy of the CTFxC daily vlog channel announced his divorce in April 2014, a decision that greatly affected his vlogs, which had for five years been created with his ex wife Ali. Since that day he has continued uploading, showing his entire transition out of a long-term relationship into a new one, while dealing with brain cancer. These topics of divorce and cancer are tricky and he gets a lot of hate, but many people learn about these topics simply from being along for the ride with Charles. The ShayTards, the original vlogging family, are Mormons and occasionally discuss their religion in the vlogs. They are also famous for being the parents of YouTube. They have five kids and many of their parenting decisions are visible in their vlogs. Many viewers tell the ShayTards they consider them as second parents, or that they learn parenting skills from the ShayTards. (5:31). The Nive Nulls explore issues of race by allowing their three year old daughter Audri to speak freely (10:10) about what she understands about race. The Nive Nulls father, Austin is white while mother Brittany is African American. For some, just seeing this couple will open their minds, while other can learn from them how to talk to their kids about race. These channels are built on important issues and although they may seem pointless to a newcomer to YouTube, daily viewers are learning important things from these YouTubers.