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Origins of this content
This texteo was developed in 2008 from my attempt to write clear, systematic lessons from the output and experiences of LFYT 2007. In this slogan I respond to Salimshady0's research tour video for LFYT 2007.
What are you looking at? "We've all seen it; the popular girl, the jock, the delinquent, the brain, they are all stereotypical figures within high school culture. They have been around for as long as anyone can remember. Even with the change of times, these stereotypes and cliques certainly remain consistent. But how? One of the obvious answers is the media."[cit]

The academic study of popular culture ("contemporary culture as defined by the objects, images, artifacts, literature, music, and so on of 'ordinary' people"[cit]) and popular digital culture "asks how new technologies reflect the wider social world offline, how they create new 'wired' cultural interactions, and how those new interactions in turn reshape the real (non-virtual) world."[cit]

One of my ten founding terms for this project is participant: What is the role and who gets to be a viewer, a critic, or a participant in media culture? Then, what is the role of their emotion and identification?
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Salim creates a self-referential video about and formed by YouTube videos about and formed by popular culture, where critique is not popular. This bad video uses a YouTube vernacular based upon brevity, consolidation, humor, self-reference, and popular opinion.