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Origins of this content
This texteo holding two videos—my student's assignment and my video response (transcribed as text)—was developed in 2008 from my attempt to write clear, systematic lessons from the output and experiences of LFYT 2007. In this slogan I respond to InTheSone's popularity project video for LFYT 2007.
Democratic media is debated, fought for, and controlled on the Internet.

According to Snickars and Vonderau, "YouTube presents videos in conjunction with viewer statistics, not detailed user profiles ... 'users' are by definition reduced to quantified traces of actual usage."[cit]

According to On Postmodernism: "Television and movies represent the pinnacle of mass-produced American culture and exhibit many of the Postmodern motifs shared by other art forms" including "pastiche, spectacle, fakery and mystery."[cit] Pastiche and fakery are common forms of self-referentiality, where a piece of art refers to itself—its forms, ideas, histories, production, genre, and theories, i.e. "This Is the Title of This Story, Which Is Also Found Several Times in the Story Itself."[cit]

Dr Strangelove reports: "'We're looking at how to push users into passive-consumption mode, a lean-back experience,' Jamie Davidson [a YouTube product manager] says."[cit]

One of my ten founding terms for this project is process. How we make and receive media is as important as the object itself.
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Alex uses her student's video to help her learn: "Sonya performs how YouTube uses its users to create banal content, self-censorship, and ad revenue providing in return a postmodern television/town square whose corporate ownership promotes dominant culture while foreclosing complex (deep) conversation and sustained community in favor of the aimless, disoriented pleasures of the individual (eyeball) or ear." Play the pair of videos at the same time for some real distraction.