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Origins of this content
This was a video that went viral during the "green revolution" in Iran. It demonstrates the use of YouTube in political activism and organizing. For Neda, a feature documentary HBO released in 2010 about the life and death of the woman "who became the iconic symbol of Iran's 2009 post-election protests and struggle," tells her personal story and gives some background for the "revolution," thus providing context that a one-minute fragment of documentation can not.
Video and film have been used throughout their history to witness and document atrocities of those in power, as well as "people's history" of utopian political moments.

Iran's revolution on film: "When millions of Iranians flooded the streets in June 2009 to protest the disputed election, it was all recorded—on video cameras and cell phones. For the West, these grainy amateur images were the only witness to the uprising and the brutal crackdown."[cit]

A phenomenon allowed by Web 2.0, viral video has been of equal fascination to scholars like the Convergence Culture Consortium at MIT, marketers, and users alike.

The concept of 'Whatever' has a strong postmodern vibe. John Haiman, in his book "Sarcasm, Alienation, and the Evolution of Language" discusses the concept of language as a token for an offhanded postmodern sensibility. Haiman mainly focuses on sarcasm and forms of verbal aggression, which seems to be prevalent in this Texteo piece. Haiman's argument, about "sarcasm and the postmodern sensibility" (Haiman, 12) contradicts with Wesch's argument on our underlying sense of compassion and community on the digital sphere. For example, the YouTube community reacted very well to the "Free Hugs" and other similar heart tugging moments. Today, the modern age "hipster" motive influences our social and digital behavior, leading to a struggle between the community and the individual, the desire to care and the desire to act aloof." -Rebecca Dollinger
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