YouTube: Time is Not Wasted by Rachel Arditi
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Origins of this content
This texteo originated from the texteo entitled, YouTube Forecloses Community, in relation to the section about time wasting and was written by Rachel Arditi for the LFYT 2015 final.
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YouTube is a metaphor for postmodern culture and the Web 2.0 generation. YouTube is where modern culture develops and parallels the current state of our generation. The older generation had their forms of wasting time, including books, libraries, movie theaters, and newspapers. Now, it has been normalized to interact in the digital sphere, compared to the real world. These older forms of "time wasting" did not shape the culture in the way today's internet is able to do like "The unwritten rules of texting".

YouTube isn't so easy after all. Take our class as an example. We have covered topics from intersectional feminism ( Why I'm a... FEMINIST *gasp*), to political parodies ( SNL Hillary Clinton), to cultural appropriation ( dear white people official trailer). These are all topics that generate a wide range of academic discourse, beyond the facade of YouTube's seemingly simplistic purpose ( Learning from YouTube on TV).

YouTube helps start the conversations we never knew we needed to have. In addition, YouTube starts conflicting conversation and dialogue: Why I'm a...FEMINIST *gasp* & I'm Not a Feminist Because... A Response to Laci Green's I'm a Feminist...

Overall, YouTube may not allow for the same kind of dialogue that a classroom may allow. Certain opinions will trump others in the platform of YouTube. YouTube is a complex space that is very challenging to uncover.