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Origins of this content
This texteo features work made by my student, ziliemd, for Fall 2008. In preparation for a talk I was to give at the Future of Writing Conference at UC Irvine, I allowed the students to make an extra credit video about video writing, stipulating that the best work would be shown in my talk as well as receiving an A for that assignment.
Home video that highlights the pratfalls, gaffes, violence, and comedy of regular people has long been a staple of mainstream media and of interest to television scholars as well.

The distinctions between amateurs and experts are said to be changing because of the Internet. The results of this increased access are debated: "Digital utopians have heralded the dawn of an era in which Web 2.0—distinguished by a new generation of participatory sites like and, which emphasize user-generated content, social networking and interactive sharing—ushers in the democratization of the world: more information, more perspectives, more opinions, more everything, and most of it without filters or fees."[cit]
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Amateur video is the stuff of real people talking into their low-end cameras about private pleasure or pain, or demonstrating their exceptional or laughable skills.

It can be popular if it seems sincere or if spectacle, humiliation, or extreme talent is at its core.