Everybody Can Play on YouTube, but Not Everyone Can Stay, by Jane Eberts
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Origins of this content
This texteo was written by Jane Eberts as her final for 2010 LFYT.
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Video Art on YouTube is equivocal, however corporate influence limits the possibilities of meaning by implementing a standard to which the video art is held. The access provided by YouTube is used for corporate advantage.

An example of this is YouTube Play. YouTube teamed up with the Guggenheim Museum to create an exhibit at the museum from twenty five videos selected by judges from over 23,300 submissions. YouTube Play first uses the access to the masses, provided by YouTube, and then filters those submissions, limiting what is deemed acceptable to be shown in the Guggenheim. Now that the selection has taken place, only the chosen twenty five can be seen on the YouTube Play channel. Where did the other 23,275 go?