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Origins of this content
This texteo was written by Bianca Garcia as her final for 2010 LFYT.
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Is anything original anymore? Has it all been already done? Just because you are the one doing something on camera and framing your opinion, does it still make you or your argument unique? In YouTube, if you type in one title or category in the search bar, you can have thousands of videos covering similar material. Many of the titles of the videos state "official video" or "the original" but what does that even mean anymore? Even these "original" videos have been modified and appropriated to fit a structure. For example, vbloggers all have a similar style. They all look at moments of their day and discuss topics that might make a "hit." How is that being original or unique? Are you not just conforming to another form of societal structure? At times, videos on YouTube can be intelligent and unique because they seem to be taking a stance on something, but compared to the amount of stupidity and trash that is placed on this platform, it is difficult to "click in to" the good stuff.