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Origins of this content
A video by my student dallen1eleven from the Fall 2007 class answering an assignment they developed about popularity on YouTube.
"The desire to fit in can be overwhelming for children. Our children look to model the examples of popularity they see on television and in magazines. They equate being part of a specific group with social status, personal accomplishments, and good fortune. Fitting in—or feeling like you don't fit in—an affect a child's self-esteem, grades and communication and leadership skills."[cit]

"Anxieties about the debilitating effects of amusement have been around for a very long time. In contemporary usage, the phrase entertainment value usually implies three things: entertainment does have some kind of value; something that has entertainment value isn't otherwise very valuable (not 'That's entertainment!,' in other words, but 'That's just entertainment!'); and, paradoxically, this very lack of value is what gives entertainment its ability to enchant and manipulate both masses and individuals."[cit]
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