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Origins of this content
This is a texteo with text derived from my 2008 UC Irvine talk about the types of "video writing" (their strengths and limitations) evidenced by my LFYT students who were inventing new styles and finessing old ones to "write" their coursework as YouTube videos mixed with a video by raspelfyl for his popularity project for LFYT 07.
What to do when you're bored: "You've checked your e-mails, updated your website, shopped online, used instant messengers. Now what? Do you sit blank after you've completed your daily internet tasks and have time to spare? Are you getting bored? Then here are some fun tasks you can do to kill those extra hours or minutes ;)."[cit]

"PageRank can be thought of as a model of user behavior. We assume there is a 'random surfer' who is given a web page at random and keeps clicking on links, never hitting 'back' but eventually gets bored and starts on another random page. The probability that the random surfer visits a page is its PageRank."[cit] If a video is about an obscure, radical, strange, private, or "unimportant" topic, it will sit idle and largely unseen in NicheTube.

"Like a disease, narcissism is caused by certain factors, spreads through particular channels, appears as various symptoms, and might be halted by preventive measures and cures. Narcissism is a psychocultural affliction rather than a physical disease, but the model fits remarkably well."[cit]

Michael Rush writes: "In her 1976 essay, 'Video and Narcissism,' American critic Rosalind Krauss postulated that video artists, in turning the camera on themselves, were engaging in blatant narcissism ... Does photographing the self constitute pathological narcissism, the condition of someone who (as described by Freud and quoted by Krauss) has 'abandoned the investment of objects with libido and transformed object-libido into ego-libido?'"[cit]
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Isolated writing mirrors YouTube's raison d'etre of "wasting time" and can often result in meaningless, silly, or narcissistic ruminations on self.

Its reverse is the humble stab at sincere communication, banking on NicheTube's guarantee that no one will actually find, see, or hear you in the uncharted and unruly sea of similarly unheard attempts at private communication and self-expression.