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Origins of this content
I made this video as part of the prize for my students' Fall 2007 popularity project (the other part was an A grade on the final). I told them if one of their videos got a million hits in a week, I'd learn the Soulja Boy Dance.
James McAdams asks: "Private/Public: How do we draw the line between the uses of the Web that are appropriate and meaningful for private citizens and those that transcend public interests or acceptable standards of behavior?"[cit]

On Soulja Boy's Myspace page it reads: "What began as juddering camcorder footage in his basement mutated into worldwide phenomenon. You've memorized the infectious hooks. The dance has been inexorably burned into your muscle memory. And the numbers confirm what you already know: 400 million views on YouTube; over five million downloads of the pandemic single 'Crank That (Soulja Boy).'"[cit]

"The Soulja Boy dance phenomenon made its move across America in 2007. Incorporated into youth culture, a concept with a clear meaning and association for people in their teens and perhaps twenties at the time. The Crank that Souja Boy dance was something to unite around, if only superficially. It was something to learn, something to teach, and something to integrate into humor and parody."[cit]
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