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Origins of this content
I made this video early along what was to become the class's quick road to virality: from press release, to local newspaper, to AP wire, to, well, everywhere. I got about 5–10 responses from friends and colleagues to this plea, and while I took them to heart. I never felt that I had the skill (or time) to learn enough to fully take advantage of this unexpected experience in the public eye.
Steven Green writes: 'Power' and 'the mass media' are terms that are closely related in our society ... Foucault has much to say about power and his ideas can inform a debate about how power might be exercised in and through the mass media."[cit]

There is a community of professors who have tried to understand online video through the making of videos, in the process engaging in new forms of and communities for pedagogy. Many professors are on YouTube using the medium to better understand media.
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