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Origins of this content
This texteo summarizes and reduces my ideas about learning to a sound bite and mixes it with indievintageclassic's decidedly slow midterm assignment from LFYT 2007.
"Anxieties about the debilitating effects of amusement have been around for a very long time. In contemporary usage, the phrase entertainment value usually implies three things: entertainment does have some kind of value; something that has entertainment value isn't otherwise very valuable (not 'That's entertainment!,' in other words, but 'That's just entertainment!'); and, paradoxically, this very lack of value is what gives entertainment its ability to enchant and manipulate both masses and individuals."[cit]

Mrs. Hyatt's "Summary Power Point": "delete redundant material. delete redundant material. delete redundant material."[cit]

One of my ten founding terms for this project is process. How we make and receive media is as important as the object itself.
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On YouTube, learning comes best from speed, summary, spectacle, humor, and the popular.

Why, oh why, is Maya's midterm so SLOW?!