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The Vectors site represents a long, continuing collaboration among many people and institutions. The site design was orchestrated by our Creative Directors, Raegan Kelly and Erik Loyer, with input from the editors. The site was built by Erik, Raegan and Craig Dietrich with assistance from Chris Wittenberg, Chris Hanson, Kevin Tanaka, Steve Fong, and expert "behind the scenes" support from Willy Paredes (IML Systems Administrator). Additional syndication oversight provided by Greg Smith.

Ongoing support has been provided by USC's Institute for Multimedia Literacy and, originally, by the Annenberg Center for Communication, and we would particularly like to thank Elizabeth Daley, Anne Balsamo, Stephanie Barish, Mark Kann, and Bruce Zuckerman, and the staffs at IML and ACC, especially Vanessa Lee, Shahril Ibrahim, Roberto Gomez, Stacy Patterson, Shelley Cooke, Dave Lopez, Elizabeth Harmon, John Zollinger, Josie Acosta, Rich Edwards, and Steve Adcook.

Various other colleagues have also offered valuable advice and support, including Scott Fisher, Marsha Kinder and the Labyrinth team, John Seely Brown, Joe Hellige, Cathy Davidson, Jeffrey Schnapp, Kathy Woodward, and David Theo Goldberg, as well as members of our Editorial Board and attendees at an early brainstorming session for the journal in summer, 2003. Alex Ceglia and the Stamen team came aboard in the final push to launch in 2005. We're thankful for their vision and hard work.

Vectors is especially grateful for the ongoing support of HASTAC and the recent support of Digital Promise.