Volume 1 Issue 1, Fall 2005
Excerpt from Evidence's Issue Introduction:
"In exploring the theme of Evidence, this issue of Vectors suggests that something of particular significance is at stake in our current relationship to the traces that are left behind by human actions."
Volume 1 Issue 2, Spring 2006
Excerpt from Mobility's Issue Introduction:
"This issue explores the possibilities of mobile technologies (and mobile scholarship) while also illustrating that mobility is not equally available to everyone nor inherently a good thing."
Volume 2 Issue 1, Fall 2006
Excerpt from Ephemera's Issue Introduction:
"Many of the beliefs that once seemed most deeply etched in our national psyche — ideologies of freedom and privacy, for example — may be the very things that must be asserted most vigorously in the decades to come."
Volume 2 Issue 2, Winter 2007
Excerpt from Perception's Issue Introduction:
"Pilots, he asserted, just 'saw things differently' and had an 'easier time' during the war, a veiled reference to the devastation left behind in the wake of planes like his, a consequence his aerial perspective made easier to disavow."
Volume 3 Issue 1, Fall 2007
Excerpt from Difference's Issue Introduction:
"As with 'The RED Project,' the team behind ThoughtMesh invites you to push beyond the surface of your screen and the modular nature of much of digital culture toward larger enmeshed meanings."
Volume 3 Issue 2, Summer 2012
Excerpt from Memory's Issue Introduction:
"Reagan's call for national pride and unity seemed anachronistic even 20 years ago but he pulled it off with an avuncular wink that would have been unimaginable from any of his successors."
Current Projects - Current Issue
Volume 4 Issue 1, Fall 2013
Excerpt from Current Projects' Issue Introduction:
"Although we are now only occasionally creating in-house collaborative projects for the journal, Vectors continues to offer a platform for experimenting with the forms and potentials of online scholarship."