Volume 1 Issue 1, Fall 2005
Excerpt from Evidence's Issue Introduction:
"For some time now, postmodern culture has comforted itself with the thought that our age is defined by unstable relations between signifier and signified; by delirious uncertainty not only about the past but our own access to events in the present."
Volume 1 Issue 2, Spring 2006
Excerpt from Mobility's Issue Introduction:
"These bottom-up technological efforts provided valuable services and some comfort in the wake of the disaster, particularly given the slow response of the federal government."
Volume 2 Issue 1, Fall 2006
Excerpt from Ephemera's Issue Introduction:
"There is very little in today's culture — except perhaps for the copyright of Disney characters — that can be counted on to survive the 21st century."
Volume 2 Issue 2, Winter 2007
Excerpt from Perception's Issue Introduction:
"He went on to describe his visual memories of the country as framed by the shape of and technologies in the cockpits he inhabited -- as vast, panoramic fields of green and brown punctuated and made meaningful by the overlays of his viewfinder and the contours of his windshield."
Volume 3 Issue 1, Fall 2007
Excerpt from Difference's Issue Introduction:
"The final project of this issue, 'ThoughtMesh,' continues our goal of including in each issue lively 'tools to think with,' projects that serves as springboards to collaboration or interaction rather than as mostly 'finished' pieces."
Volume 3 Issue 2, Summer 2012
Excerpt from Memory's Issue Introduction:
"As the death toll continues to rise in the middle east, the illusion that we are simply watching a more expensive but less competently produced sequel have given way to painful reminders of Vietnam."
Current Projects - Current Issue
Volume 4 Issue 1, Fall 2013
Excerpt from Current Projects' Issue Introduction:
"This transition in the Vectors workflow includes the shedding of print-based conventions of themed 'issues' and numbered 'volumes' in favor of the more agile format of rolling submissions and projects released individually or in clusters throughout the year."