Volume 1 Issue 1, Fall 2005
Excerpt from Evidence's Issue Introduction:
"In exploring the theme of Evidence, this issue of Vectors suggests that something of particular significance is at stake in our current relationship to the traces that are left behind by human actions."
Volume 1 Issue 2, Spring 2006
Excerpt from Mobility's Issue Introduction:
"As we finalized preparations for publication of this installment of Vectors, the relevance of the issue's theme - mobility - was cast into surreal relief by the events leading up to and following Hurricane Katrina."
Volume 2 Issue 1, Fall 2006
Excerpt from Ephemera's Issue Introduction:
"The voices that reach us via things that were meant to be forgotten may in fact speak most eloquently to the imperatives and contradictions of our present historical moment."
Volume 2 Issue 2, Winter 2007
Excerpt from Perception's Issue Introduction:
"Together, these seven works suggest that the digital era demands interpretive frameworks more attuned to the flow of digitized information, flexible models for charting both existing and emergent modes of experience and knowing."
Volume 3 Issue 1, Fall 2007
Excerpt from Difference's Issue Introduction:
"I am continually amazed by how easy it is to hold these two types of work apart and have come to believe that the very forms of electronic culture encourage just such a partitioning or modularity, making it hard to sustain connections across fields of knowledge."
Volume 3 Issue 2, Summer 2012
Excerpt from Memory's Issue Introduction:
"As the death toll continues to rise in the middle east, the illusion that we are simply watching a more expensive but less competently produced sequel have given way to painful reminders of Vietnam."
Current Projects - Current Issue
Volume 4 Issue 1, Fall 2013
Excerpt from Current Projects' Issue Introduction:
"Vectors will also continue its commitment to publishing work that is subjected to rigorous, but mutable and multiple, forms of peer review, actively engaging questions of how best to ensure scholarly excellence in work that experiments with both form and content."