Volume 1 Issue 1, Fall 2005
Excerpt from Evidence's Issue Introduction:
"When words like evidence and reality begin to seem naked without quotation marks around them, it's hard not to wonder if we aren't simply playing into the hands of those who have the most to hide."
Volume 1 Issue 2, Spring 2006
Excerpt from Mobility's Issue Introduction:
"Processed, parsed, and analyzed data cannot produce change in a country that has abandoned its domestic infrastructure, neglected the poor, and failed to realize the hopes and possibilities of the Civil Rights era (not to mention the Emancipation era."
Volume 2 Issue 1, Fall 2006
Excerpt from Ephemera's Issue Introduction:
"Likewise the computer you are now using will one day crash or become obsolete, perhaps taking its prodigious memory with it, an eventuality that suggests the alarming impermanence of digital media while it hints mischievously at our own mortality."
Volume 2 Issue 2, Winter 2007
Excerpt from Perception's Issue Introduction:
"Together, these seven works suggest that the digital era demands interpretive frameworks more attuned to the flow of digitized information, flexible models for charting both existing and emergent modes of experience and knowing."
Volume 3 Issue 1, Fall 2007
Excerpt from Difference's Issue Introduction:
"In 'Nation on the Move,' Minoo Moallem deploys the Persian carpet as a powerful analytic for the varied ways that nations travel and differences are consumed."
Volume 3 Issue 2, Summer 2012
Excerpt from Memory's Issue Introduction:
") The delay in taking this issue live reflects the effort of the Vectors' team on other fronts, as we continue to build new spaces for scholarly interaction with digital platforms that extend the lessons learned producing these projects."
Current Projects - Current Issue
Volume 4 Issue 1, Fall 2013
Excerpt from Current Projects' Issue Introduction:
"Since Vectors launched in 2005, many more scholars have the capacity to produce multimodal research, and the number of venues for such work has slowly expanded."