Volume 1 Issue 1, Fall 2005
Excerpt from Evidence's Issue Introduction:
"With images of American soldiers torturing their captives fresh in our minds, those sanitized relays from smart missiles and satellites no longer hold the video game allure they once did."
Volume 1 Issue 2, Spring 2006
Excerpt from Mobility's Issue Introduction:
"This issue explores the possibilities of mobile technologies (and mobile scholarship) while also illustrating that mobility is not equally available to everyone nor inherently a good thing."
Volume 2 Issue 1, Fall 2006
Excerpt from Ephemera's Issue Introduction:
"The environmental destruction and increasing toxicity of our planet during the past half-century is symptomatic of a seeming inability to look beyond the next quarter's profit-loss reports."
Volume 2 Issue 2, Winter 2007
Excerpt from Perception's Issue Introduction:
"The rubric of 'perception' offers a convenient throughline by which to weave together a number of fields, including geography, cognitive science, film studies, art history, philosophy, and the digital arts."
Volume 3 Issue 1, Fall 2007
Excerpt from Difference's Issue Introduction:
" Over the last several years, I have simultaneously been doing two very different kinds of writing about new technology, one examining race and digital media, often in relation to representation and identity, and one engaging the formal and phenomenological structures of new media."
Volume 3 Issue 2, Summer 2012
Excerpt from Memory's Issue Introduction:
"This issue of the journal also includes a final project designed by Vectors' longtime Creative Director, Raegan Kelly, who worked with Mark Hansen on shi jian: time."
Current Projects - Current Issue
Volume 4 Issue 1, Fall 2013
Excerpt from Current Projects' Issue Introduction:
"As always, our goal is to showcase work that is not easily contained by the conventions - often still limited to portable documents and embedded video files - of contemporary electronic publication."