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Origins of this content
This video commences my tour about the popularity. It is part of my larger tour project where, after teaching the 2007 LFYT class, I attempted to create on YouTube a structure to think through, display, and organize the hundreds of student videos made for the course which were (like other videos on YouTube) hard to systematize, see, or make sense of via our class page. In this video, I try to playfully perform the form/content of which I speak.
"The desire to fit in can be overwhelming for children. Our children look to model the examples of popularity they see on television and in magazines. They equate being part of a specific group with social status, personal accomplishments and good fortune. Fitting in—or feeling like you don't fit in—an affect a child's self-esteem, grades and communication and leadership skills." [cit]

What are you looking at? "We've all seen it; the popular girl, the jock, the delinquent, the brain, they are all stereotypical figures within high school culture. They have been around for as long as anyone can remember. Even with the change of times, these stereotypes and cliques certainly remain consistent. But how? One of the obvious answers is the media."[cit]

"Page Ranking is an approach to ordering search results in a meaningful way. The technology determines a web page's importance depending on how many other pages link to it, and on how "important" those pages are considered. This is then used in conjunction with a keyword entered by the user to conduct a search for the 'most relevant' results."[cit]. If a video is about an obscure, radical, strange, private, or "unimportant" topic, it will sit idle and largely unseen in NicheTube.
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