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Origins of this content
I heard Melissa Brough give a talk about YouTube and the "Safron Rebellion" in Burma at the OurMedia7 Conference in Ghana. She showed this video to represent the way a local political movement could escalate to global media (and star) attention because of YouTube and the contradictions that such visibility raises.
Jim Carrey is an actor and comedian. "Today, Jim continues to make films, paint and sculpt, and lend a voice for various charities and causes through his Better U Foundation."[cit]

"The image was stark in its defiance: A serene-faced monk raising an upturned alms bowl, indicating his brotherhood's refusal to accept offerings from Myanmar's military junta—a significant gesture in this tiny Buddhist country. This and subsequent images of the monk-led demonstration, quickly dubbed the Saffron Rebellion in September 2007, were beamed out to the world by an intrepid team of journalists working with Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), who put themselves at great personal risk to capture the events through their hidden cameras. The Saffron Rebellion of 2007 was brutally suppressed by the military junta in Myanmar."[cit]

Celebitchy writes: "I mentioned the other day in the Sylvester Stallone article that there's a lot of chaos going on in Myanmar right now—and it seems that a lot of celebrities are starting to talk about it. That's great, because whatever brings attention to a cause, no matter where it comes from, is a small step forward."[cit]

There has been significant scholarly and popular attention paid to the increasing role of celebrities in contemporary politics, media activism, and public life.
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