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Origins of this content
The Manosphere is a loose collection of movements marked by their overt and extreme misogyny. Movements include 'incels', Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) and men's rights activists (MRAs). These groups are largely situated online, and are marked by a unique lexicon which they use to describe women, sex, and other men. They are explicit in their rejection of feminism which they believe has come to dominate society at the expense of men. Although incels do not primarily focus on racially and culturally defined outgroups, there is notable overlap more broadly between the terminology and digital tactics deployed by incels and other far-right extremists." [cit].

Involuntarily celibates, or "incels," are people who define themselves by their inability to have sexual intercourse and romantic relationships. Although the term "incel" was coined by a woman (Taylor 2018), incels are predominately men seeking heterosexual sex. Their communities and interactions are online. Incel discourse is characterized by anti-feminism, endorsing violence against women, removal of women's rights, self-loathing, and racism (Chang 2020; Jaki et al. 2019). Incels have committed several mass homicides, including Elliot Rodger's killing of six people in Isla Vista, California (Witt 2020), and Alek Minassian's murder of 10 people in Toronto, Canada (Brockbank 2019). [cit].

Tate is the newest addition to the lineup of masculinist grifters who have existed since the rise of the men's movement. His approach works because it is modelled after previous successful masculinist grifts that have sought to attract young men with promises of power. A famous example is Daryush Valizadeh (aka Roosh V), who 20 years ago pivoted from pickup artist persona to anti-feminist and pro-rape notoriety." [cit].
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