Although YouTube filters through various videos for hazardous content, most of which revolves around censorship, bigotry slips through in forms of videos as well as in comment section. This type of commentary is derived from disturbingly large community YouTube frequenters.

"Trolling" is a term defined by a person who sows conflict on the Internet, in this case YouTube, by instigating arguments and intentionally insulting people. Recently, media has equated trolling to online harassment; an increasing problem due to the amount of suicides caused by cyber bulling.

Is YouTube censoring the right things? Can they without completely changing the face of their company?

YouTube does not have the power to control people's ethics or opinions, thus resulting in a melting pot of morals. A video of a drunken mother being filmed by her child is considered okay content, but any video displaying certain non-sexualized nudity (i.e. Free the Nipple Campaign) is taken down or placed on an age-restricted list.

YouTube is not an open-forum where certain videos can be discussed whether or not they could be taken down. Yes, one can flag a video they find offensive, but that is not a sure way of getting it removed. We have a choice of not watching certain videos, but can we stop others from? Our children? YouTube has become a place of morals and whether or not we want to be offended comes down to what we decide to watch.