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Yet another use for YouTube that I have not seen a texteo written for in this book is the use of YouTube videos to either supplement or contain your response to someone else's post on the internet. There has been a steadily growing trend across the internet in the past few years to illustrate our responses and emotional reactions by using vivid or striking pictures, captioned boldly or cleverly, and commonly referencing a character from pop culture. More recently, gifs have stepped into the spotlight as the most entertaining means of taking this similar form and using endlessly repeating moving pictures to illustrate metaphors for how we feel in certain situations or respond to certain information.

With the current vernacular of the internet from websites like reddit, 9gag, imgur, 4chan, and the notable tumblr phenomenon #whatshouldwecallme making its way into the hegemonic comedic forms of communication through the the maturing social networked generation, one would think that YouTube would be left out of the mix. Such is not the case. It may not be new by internet standards but, a creative use of YouTube, aside from interactive adventures, parody, and talent showcasing, has come to be using short YouTube videos to contain responses to other users of the www. There even Facebook pages to the practice. I'd say it's use is brilliant, and the innovator of the practice deserves the highest of fives.

The concept of some pop culture reference being directly quoted is very nice though can sometimes fly over people's heads You might offend a friend, and they will respond,, and not realizing you've offended them will be all As my point starts to sink in, I'm all this that's a lot of links, he really knows his pop culture, or this is the greatest idea ever! Either way, I love you.  If you were a social media marketing type trying to figure out ho to make the next viral video, or if you are like me and think that the old fashioned way of interacting with other people should be the only way you might want to just leave. As you can see, most of these come from TV shows but others can even come from commercials themselves. Unfortunately some think that as soon as the corporate advertisements become involved, this happens < a href="">, which can lead into another argument where you end up just doing this with a friend and at some point one of you will be all. After you repair your relationship with your friend from that dumb argument, you might get a beer.