You Tube is a Great Place for Athletes to Self-Advertise by Zack Tannous
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YouTube has become the main place for all athletes to self advertise themselves. YouTube is a medium that allows any type of athlete to upload highlight videos of themselves and send them to the various people or places that need to, to help their career. YouTube has become the best and least expensive way for athletes to self advertize

High school athletes use YouTube to send their highlight films to various colleges that they want to go to. It can also work the opposite way for the top athletes in these various sports. By uploading their highlight tapes to YouTube, any potential colleges scouting the top athletes in their sport, can easily see how good their potential players truly are. This helps get these athletes signed up for the best colleges for their sports.

College players can upload their highlight videos so that they get more attention from professional scouts. Just like for high school students, it gives players more publicity to make their way to higher levels of their sport.

Professional athletes can also self advertise themselves on YouTube to get more public attention and potentially more fans as well. This individual advertisement helps the teams that these professional athletes play for get more fans as well as gives the sport more advertisement itself.