Activism and Entertainment on YouTube by Christopher Temple
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Origins of this content
This texteo is addressing an important issue facing non-profits all around the world. How do you inspire people to get involved and support your organization? With the outbreak of video on the internet, people can choose not to watch and hide from content that they don't want to see.
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Given the prevalence of technologies such as social media and smart phones, we are consistently overloaded with content and information, especially negative content. From nightly news to daily tweets, content covers the current problems in the world.

This content though is often guilt based. Commercials with sad songs are designed to tap into our emotions and evoke guilt. For Generation Y though, most of their video content and news comes from the internet, a place of free choice. Why would someone choose, in their spare time, to watch a 5-minute-long video portraying starvation in Africa, when they could watch kittens being cute? Judging by the number of views on each, no one does.

What if there was content that was both entertaining and educational to inspire people to take action? Content that was empowering and engaging around important issues such as poverty and the environment? Let's be realistic for once and understand the need for incorporating high-concept content to mobilize young activists on YouTube.