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Origins of this content
This texteo sits on the Fred Fan Rant hidden YouTour so as to be simultaneously "published" in a special issue on fan/remix video at Transformative Works and Culture. It is extracted and refined from a talk presented at the UCSD symposium, Youth Media, Sensory Ability and Visual Culture, 2010.
"Works of digital and Internet art, performance, installation, conceptual, and other variable media art represent some of the most compelling and significant artistic creations of our time," reason the curators of Archiving the Avant Garde, an effort to "provide current and future generations the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by these works."

"We know your brain is going crazy, but try to get ahold of yourself, ask your parents for permission (and credit card) and behold the wonder of Fred stuff. Oh, and if that 'Buy' button makes you nervous; don't worry, it just takes you to another page where you can pick sizes, prices, create a wish list etc ..." [cit]
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Fred's Fans Hate Fred

I admire the avant-garde visual style of this video. Blues skies and sweeping kinetic camera abstracting the overweight Americans at a theme park into flowing, fragmented body parts.

While Miserlou fails at showing us what he hates—Fred, or Fred merchandise, or Fred's off YouTube celebrity—his juvenile, even infantile anger stays in focus. He writes in the video's description: "It may not seem like a big deal but this is the first time I saw someone wear a shirt like this and i hate fred so.... it had to be done."