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Origins of this content
Parody is a key tactic of postmodernism "because it foregrounds quotation and self-referentiality."[cit]

Digital rhetoric, as defined by fellow-blogger and UCSD professor Elizabeth Losh, "is not one but two literacies: a literacy of print and a literacy of the screen. In addition, work in one medium is used to enhance learning in the other."[cit]

According to John Hartley: "Public writing is produced, circulated, and deciphered or read. Each of these moments in its career has its own frequency:
* The speed of creation: how long a given 'text' of public writing takes to produce
* Frequency of circulation: intervals between publication
* The wavelength of consumption: the period a given text spends in the public domain before being superseded by later 'pulses' of text from the same source."[cit]
YouTube is the subject, form, method, problem and solution of this video-book (click a green word, from the glossary, and its definition will pop up; click a blue word with a camera and a video will roll.)

You can navigate this YouTour (red links lead you off the texteo) in the box below and to the left by clicking "view" or "continue current tour," or by pulling the white button on the blue bar, to see fifteen more brief texteos focused upon what I think YOUTUBE IS.

Or take the HOW TO USE THIS VIDEO BOOK tour for more detailed instructions about navigating this unique video-book: structured unconventionally, as it is, through functions we designed to best use YouTube's home, the Internet, to think and write about what YOUTUBE IS. Using the Voice pull down menu above, you can write your own texteo, contributing yourself to the video-book's discussion of what YOUTUBE IS and might be. Productive contributions will be published in the Post-Tour of user generated texteos.

To better understand the Pitzer College Media Studies class, Learning from YouTube, that LFYT is based upon and built from (we studied what YOUTUBE IS in the Fall semesters of 2007, 2008 and 2010 by making videos that analyzed YouTube and which are included here), or my unique orientation towards what YOUTUBE IS, feel free to follow the two other Pre-Tours-- THE CLASS and THIRDTUBE!--accessible from the pull-down bar of YouTours above or by clicking the red words themselves.