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This texteo was made by MrAcam1515r as his final for 2010 LFYT.
In "What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream," Noam Chomsky writes: "The elite media set a framework within which others operate ... That framework works pretty well, and it is understandable that it is just a reflection of obvious power structures."[cit]
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The Society of Today Cannot Sit Still, by MrAcam1515

We constantly must be fidgeting with the next gadget, whether that be a cell phone or Ipad, to make us feel as if we are not "bored." This mass media floods the generations' youth, so much so in fact, that I am inclined to state that the true imagination has been lost. Rarely do we see now what once was: two children simply playing as two knights chasing after the beautiful princess ... instead they search for princess Peach, and they are Mario and Luigi on a video game console.