Youtube - Helping the Underground Surface, by Bryan Reinke
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Origins of this content
This texteo was written by Bryan Reinke as his final for 2010 LFYT.
"YouTube provides a space for outreach and gives a voice to those that may not have one, or at least not much of one. In the YouTube channel Diabetes Diaries interviews with people afflicted with diabetes reveal their true thoughts and feelings about the disease. By breaking down the barriers of secrecy, true emotions, struggles and qualms can surface to help increase knowledge and awareness of issues."[cit]
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Unlike any other place that has come before it, YouTube provides a universal platform for anyone to share music. It used to be that the average person would have to watch MTV or listen to the radio to find and listen to music. While YouTube isn't the only tool that has been changing this trend, it has certainly been a powerful tool and continues to grow as such. Many underground artists have been able to emerge due to the web with the help of YouTube in particular.

Underground Hip hop is a prime example of this growing trend as many artists have been able to extend to a much wider audience by individuals being able to easily access their music on YouTube. Because YouTube is so universal, it has become the default website for fans to look up certain songs or artists. Before YouTube, it was much harder not if impossible to find an artist if they were not on television or the radio.

While it is still hard to discover new music through YouTube because of its weak search system and structure as an archive, artists whom you hear of through word of mouth, blogs, or by some others means can now be much more easily accessed.

Hip hop artists and groups including Binary Star (One Be Lo and Senim Silla) have even been able surface their music through the web and actually go on tour because of it. It's been over 10 years since the release of their first and currently only album "Masters of the Universe" and only now because of the internet is it getting the appreciation, exposure, and credit it deserves.

In about 1 year, their video for the song "Reality Check" went from 26,829 views in September 2009 to just a few thousands views under the 600,000 mark today (December 2010).