Unearthing Music, by Sam Pick
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Origins of this content
This texteo was written by Sam Pick as his final for 2010 LFYT.
"YouTube provides a space for outreach and gives a voice to those that may not have one, or at least not much of one. In the YouTube channel Diabetes Diaries interviews with people afflicted with diabetes reveal their true thoughts and feelings about the disease. By breaking down the barriers of secrecy, true emotions, struggles and qualms can surface to help increase knowledge and awareness of issues."[cit]

Die Antword recieved a record deal at Interscope Records because of the views for their video, "Enter The Ninja." In the nine months after the video was first posted, the group had to relocate their site, from South Africa to the US because of all the traffic the site generated.
YouTube provides great opportunities for up and coming, as well as previously established bands to network and put their music out for the world to see. As opposed to MySpace where bands can only put up profile pages with information and the songs themselves, YouTube allows for a next step in artistry, the music video.

The music video is often the final step in a bands venture out to the industry. It is the final piece of expression that in many cases goes a long way to how a band will be perceived by the fans and by the music industry. Essentially, it is a main component of marketing for a band.

YouTube allows artists to express themselves freely through the use of music videos, providing for them a platform to be viewed all around the world with thousands of other artists.

Though it's not just the official music videos that YouTube provides access to and for. Recordings from live gigs, concerts, interviews, and the makings of videos can also be placed on YouTube for further advertising and marketing of a band.

The Salvadors and Jay Walker and the Pedestrians are 2 up and coming bands around Adelaide, in South Australia, Australia. Although they play and write 2 very different styles and genres of music, both have found a place on YouTube to further develop their popularity. "Attacama Disco" is The Salvadors first professionally made music video, and comes from their debut EP " Misspent Youth." Jay Walker and the Pedestrians clip is a home video, and comes from one of their local gigs played at an Adelaide pub.