The One-Woman Show, by Andrianna Betts
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Origins of this content
This texteo was written by Andrianna Betts as her final for 2010 LFYT.
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YouTube is where we go it alone—quite literally. The one-woman show is a well-known solo performance form in mainstream culture and yet, it is fairly unrepresented within YouTube. Traditionally, the one-woman performance has dominated both theatrical and comedic stages. Video clips of past performances by comedians and actresses, both professional and amateur, are visible on the website.

When producing a quality solo performance within YouTube, women of all ages often resort to the vblog, parody, or spoof. Performance content usually draws from pop culture, objectively commenting or satirically imitating mainstream music artists, television shows, and films. The content of their material is often limited to the mainstream media realm. Occasionally, their performance topics are social and/or political in nature, usually explored in comedic fashion.

Though the one-woman show is often marginalized, it is not confined to NicheTube. While a woman's performance content may possess some NicheTube qualities including originality, difference, and zaniness, strong references or adaptations from dominant culture increase the visibility of their videos, achieving popularity. Other one-woman shows do not achieve popular status due to their lack of gripping entertainment or limited editing and special effects. The interplay between content and form can advance or hinder the performance's success with YouTube viewers.

It is hard to find one-woman shows created for YouTube that maintain the one-woman cast. Creators of one-woman shows eventually collaborate with other users or groups within or outside of the 'Tube. These women are still performing, but not as much on their own. In the popularity pursuit, perhaps female performers combine a comedic delivery and relatable, mainstream content into their act to ensure their work's exposure within prominent sectors of the YouTube community.