YouTube is Like HIgh School, by Hallory Sindelar
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Origins of this content
This texteo was written by Hallory Sindelar as her final for 2010 LFYT.
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Youtube reminds me of high school. The YouTube celebs like lisanova and nigahiga are the "popular crowd." You'll always be able to find their videos and everyone knows their names. They are walking the thin line between amateur and professional. The rest of the world, myself included, are all the stereotypical theater nerds, band geeks, and all around unpopular kids. Our videos get lost in YouTube's "archive" never to be seen again (unless you know the exact title, username, date, time, etc.) The YouTube celebs are the stars, and we are the onlookers, waiting to indulge in their daily videos, weekly rants, and funny parodies.

The YouTube celebrities and YouTube partners are literally one big community. They all know each other, they make videos together, their children have play dates, and they hang out at each other's houses. Take "TheStation" for example. Their intro video says they are "a new network for YouTube" It was started by well established, famous YouTuber celebrities including ShayCarl, Lisanova, Shane Dawson, Kassem G, Philly D (sxephil), Dave Days, and Hiimrawn, all well-know YouTube celebrities. Cameo appearances and collaborations have included iJustine, Mr. Safety from smpfilms, whatthebuck, nigahiga, mysteryguitarman, smosh, and many others. 19 of the 50 "Most Subscribed of All Time" are YouTubers who have been involved with TheStation (TheStation ranking #19)

Their videos include parodies on well-known music videos, comedy sketches, and "mini-series" spanning 2-3 seasons. They also have a 2nd channel, TheStation2, where they focus on more "personal" vblogs to their viewers, announcements, and less professional pieces they've produced.

They've recently branched out and started producing music videos for new bands, helping them gain viewers and get noticed by record labels.

YouTube is branching into a whole new type of business model. These youTtube celebs and YouTube partners are able to make a living off of solely producing, starring in, and posting videos. iJustine has had guest starring roles on shows like "Criminal Minds" and "Law and Order: SVU," and Fred Figglehorn even had his own Nickelodeon movie.

YouTube is one big community where, like a high school, everyone is involved. YouTube differs from high school because in high school, stereotypically, the popular kids are the only ones you can see. Unless you missed picture day, everyone is in the high school yearbook at least once. We, the regular people of YouTube are the kids who missed picture day but the YouTube celebrities are the kids who are in every club picture, so easily accessible that you can turn to any page and see their face smiling back at you.