Bieber Fever ... Is It Something You Can Catch? by Jordan Rosenberg
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Origins of this content
This texteo was written by Jordan Rosenberg as his final for 2010 LFYT.
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Professor Juhasz, My video undoubtedly has to be about Justin Bieber. I went to YouTube's site and looked at the most viewed videos of all time. Expecting the "Evolution of Dance," which was the number 1 video a couple months ago when I looked at that section. I was surprised to see a music video, by a YouTube-discovered star, was now number 1 on Youtube. With Justin Bieber's video ("baby ft. ludacris") at 403,425,8770 views as of 10:33pm Monday December 6th, 2010, I can't help but understand that YouTube matters because of this video. The 2nd most watched video is almost 100 million views short of Justin Bieber's. He was discovered on YouTube from a simple young boy singing to a camera, to being more watched than any other person in the world. 400 millions views is so large we cannot truly understand and comprehend the sheer magnitude of views. Justin's ultimate success shows that YouTube can allow anyone to gain notoriety. Some may say that sociologically speaking, the strive for fame is detrimental, however that is for another discussion and not the point of YouTube. YouTube does allows the masses to participate and judge who makes it and who "fails". Youtube is indeed "undemocratic." The unpopular views, the Justin Bieber wanna-be's fall in the cracks and are not represented. But this platform is not for representation, but it is for freedom to search, and freedom to watch the most popular videos, and it might happen that one talent agent searches and turns the wanna-be into a person more watched than the leader of the free-world within 24 months.