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Origins of this content
This video was made for the 2010 LFYT class as a research project responding to ideas raised in The YouTube Reader by Snickars and Vonderau. It was made by a group and posted by pitzertube.
The Internet (and YouTube) is somewhere between an archive and a database (an organized collection of data for one or multiple uses). Theorists of the archive discuss the authority and power of the archive (and archivist); its stake in finding and naming origins, producing history, and creating knowledge; and its (impossible) attempts for totality. Related questions are then raised about research and scholarship: "Can a new research library be all digital? How much does it cost a library to preserve a codex? What do large-scale text-digitizing projects mean for scholarship in the humanities?"[cit]

The Wikipedia game: "It works like this:
1. You're given a start Wikipedia article, like 'Banana'
2. And a winning article, like 'Britney Spears
3. Now click as few links as possible to get from 'Banana to 'Britney Spears,' as fast as you can!"[cit]
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