Naming the Every and No Place of the Feminist Cyber-Coset
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Origins of this content
Written as part of my 2010 talk at the SexMoneyMedia conference in Vancouver.
"A riot grrrl won't take shit from anyone, she is strong, independent, and seemingly invulnerable ... a riot grrl can be anyone who is tired of a male dominated or sexist world ... when it comes to music riot grrl isoften reffered to as punk."[cit]
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Adrienne Rich: "Whatever is unnamed, undepicted in images, whatever is omitted from biography...whatever is buried in the memory by the collapse of meaning under an inadequate or lying language--this will become not merely unspoken but unspeakable."

ARCHITECTURAL or ARCHAIC feminism occurs at deep and structural levels

UN-NAMED Feminism: That in so doing sees itself newly

MORPHING feminism transforms to encapsulate other beliefs in feminism's name

FRAMING feminism that umbrellas the social justice work of trans, anti-war, anti-racism and other activisms

ASSERTIVE or INSERTIVE feminism: that names its relevance in places where it wasn't deemed important

COMMON-CULTURAL feminism: this assumes feminism is the shared space of production

ACCESS Feminism: that doesn't just speak to feminists; and also speaks to feminists by opening access to unusual places

TECHNO feminism that engages in collaborative, goal-oriented, placed, critical self-expression on-line

ASSUMPTIONAL or PRESUMPTIVE feminism always assumes that feminism counts and that feminists speak

(with thanks to B. Ruby Rich's "In the Name of Feminist Filmmaking," an earlier naming project that calls forth these terms: Validative, Correspondence, Reconstructive, Medusan, Corrective Realism, and Projectile)