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Origins of this content
This video was made for a final research project that the class decided to develop in groups. Research had to occur about and on YouTube. This project was one of several videos created by the Cyber/Reality group and posted by InTheSone. The assignment included making several videos including this tour of their sources and a final video research project.
Digital rhetoric, as defined by fellow-blogger and UCSD Professor, Elizabeth Losh, "is not one but two literacies: a literacy of print and a literacy of the screen. In addition, work in one medium is used to enhance learning in the other."

"The word cyberspace was coined by the science fiction author William Gibson, when he sought a name to describe his vision of a global computer network, linking all people, machines and sources of information in the world, and through which one could move or 'navigate' as through a virtual space."[cit]
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