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Origins of this content
A video by my student, MooseNuckle00 from the Fall 2007 class answering an assignment they developed about popularity on YouTube.
In "What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream," Noam Chomsky writes: "The elite media set a framework within which others operate ... That framework works pretty well, and it is understandable that it is just a reflection of obvious power structures."[cit]

The consolidation of corporate ownership of the media, and its effects on democracy, are much discussed by academics, journalists, and citizens: "What if you woke up tomorrow to find that Yosemite National Park had been turned over to Chevron? Or that the Everglades were now under the watchful eye of DuPont? Most people would agree: Giving corporations nearly unlimited control over a precious public resource is unacceptable. But that's exactly what we've done with our airwaves and media--delivered them into corporate hands."[cit]
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