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Origins of this content
I began speaking publicly about LFYT in 2007, always to academics, but in a variety of disciplines (media studies, rhetoric, communications, art, library science, digital humanities). I attempted to push my public speaking about the course, and YouTube, in ways that mimicked the formal provocations of the course and YouTube. Thus, I performed some or all of my critique of YouTube on YouTube and in its vernaculars. This slogan was made for the conclusion of a talk I gave about integrating theory and practice in new media scholarship and pedagogy at the New Media: Theory, Practice, Power symposium at Carnegie Mellon in 2010.
Digital media and learning: "Across the globe, an ever-expanding number of researchers, policy-makers, practitioners, industry, scholars and youth are exploring the boundaries and possibilities of digital media and the networked world of the twenty-first century."[cit] JUMP: The Journal of Undergraduate Multimedia Projects is an "electronic journal dedicated to 1) providing an outlet for the excellent and exceedingly rhetorical digital/multimedia projects occurring in undergraduate courses around the globe, and 2) providing a pedagogical resource for teachers working with (or wanting to work with) 'new media.'"[cit]
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For my Carnegie Mellon Talk on Praxis and YouTube

This video and these words are here to show how I can use video and text (=texteo) in lives event like a symposium at Carnegie Mellon University.