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Origins of this content
This is the first national television coverage from Fall 2008, when my LFYT course went viral. The students were excited to have them shooting in our class, but were less pleased by the way the journalists spun what they saw. This proved a great lesson in the costs and consequences of visibility or popularity as a structure (common in web 2.0 design and computer architecture), a theme we ended up studying in-depth on YouTube later during the semester.
According to John Hartley: "Public writing is produced, circulated, and deciphered or read. Each of these moments in its career has its own frequency:
* The speed of creation: how long a given 'text' of public writing takes to produce
* Frequency of circulation: intervals between publication
* The wavelength of consumption: the period a given text spends in the public domain before being superseded by later 'pulses' of text from the same source."[cit]
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